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Jan Fritz Hansen, Vice President, Danish Shipowners' Association
"Managing a Shipping Company in Northern Europe: Current Challenges"

Mats Perämaa, Minister of Finance, the Åland Government
"The Shipping Industry of Åland: Opportunities and Challenges"

Victor D. Norman, Professor of Economics, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
"Does Shipping Survive Because Shipping Companies Die?"

Robert Uggla, Managing Director, Broström Tankers
"Running A Sustainable Strategy in Broström"

Catharina Sørensen, DG Regio, European Commission
"A Strategy for the Baltic Sea"

Dan Erickson, Director DFDS Tor Line AB
"How to Meet the Market"

Nils-Erik Eklund, Former President, Viking Line
"Viking Line: Corporate Strategies and Market Challenges in the Baltic"
Link to Viking Line film

Tommy Petersen, Director General, Faroe Island National and International Ship Register (FAS)
"Why a Faroese International Ship's Register and What Is It? History and Contents"

Katrine Bjerregaard, Coordinator, The Transport Innovation Network
"Maritime Activities in the Transport Innovation Network"

Steen Sabinsky, President, The Maritime Development Centre of Europe
"Innovation in the Danish Maritime Cluster"

The Development of Shipping in the Nordic Region
René Taudal Poulsen, Henrik Sornn-Friese and Martin Iversen:
"Danish Shipping in an Age of Transitions, 1960-2010"

Jari Ojala:
"Great Shipping Crises and after: Finnish Shipping in the Period of Decline (1970s to the Present)"

Runolfur Smari Steinthorsson:
"A Core Competence in the Making: The Evolution of Icelandic Shipping, 1960-2010"

René Taudal Poulsen:
"Carriers of Competence - The Transformation of Swedish Shipping, 1970-2010"

Agneta Karlsson:
"The Major Strategic and Structural Transformations of the Shipping Industry of Åland, 1959-2009"

Stig Tenold:
"Boom, Crisis and Internationalised Revitalisation: Norwegian Shipping, 1960-2008"

Maritime Finance and Insurance
Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Theo Notteboom and Athanasios Pallis:
"The Role of Finance in Shipping and Ports: Revisiting Embededdness and Risk Assessment"

Stig Tenold and Ioannis Theotokas:
"Different Paths to Innovation in Shipping: the Cases of Greece and Norway"

Agneta Karlsson and Stefan Lång:
"Strategic Recipes within the Nordic Shipping Finance and Marine Insurance Sectors. An Empirical Analysis"

Maritime Education and Human Resource Issues
Athanasios Pallis, Ioannis Theotokas and Maria Progoulaki:
"Maritime Education and Human Resources: A Research Agenda"

Lisa Loloma Froholdt:
"Making Sense of Interaction Sequences in VHF Communication"

Victor Ruperto B. Jaleco, Ralph L. Pador and Rolando A. Alimen:
"Psychosocial Behaviour Among Marine Engineering Graduates of a Maritime University in the Philippines"

Regulation in the Maritime Sector
Carsten Ørts Hansen:
"Regulating the Maritime Sector – a Visit in the Machiavellian Kitchen"

Jan Skovgaard:
"EU Regulation as a Tool for Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, in Seaborne Shipping"

Jouni Lappalainen, Jenni Kuronen and Ulla Tapaninen:
"Evaluation of the ISM Code in the Finnish Shipping Companies"

Maritime Clusters
Rolv Petter Amdam, Raimond Brekke, Ove Wahl:
"The Integration of Norwegian Firms in the Maritime Cluster in Singapore"

Henrik Sornn-Friese:
"Eastbound and Down: Offshore Outsourcing in the Shipping Industry and its Consequences for the 'Maritime Cluster'"

Jouko Kinnunen, Richard Palmer and Bjarne Lindström:
"Analysing the Maritime Cluster in Åland with Computable General Equilibrium Models - What issues can be tackled?"

Performance Assessment of the Maritime Sector
Gang Chen, Zhongzhen Yang and Douglas R. Moodie:
"Modelling Road Traffic Demand of Container Consolidation in a Chinese Marine Terminal"

Victor Ruperto B. Jaleco:
"Teaching-Learning Situation in Maritime Schools in Western Visayas"