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As an important part of both its international and local strategy, AICIS organizes various events. Since its start in 2007, AICIS has arranged three international conferences.

The first, which also marked the very beginning of AICIS, was entitled The development of Åland – inspiration from outside. The second conference, held in the summer of 2008, had a more general island focus - Islands of Competence: Branding Identities in a Globalized World

In April 2010, AICIS arranged – in close cooperation with Copenhagen Business School, the Danish Shipowners´ Association and Maritime Development Centre of Europe – its third conference, The global shipping industry in the 21st century. This conference is an established bi-annual event, with the next scheduled to take place in 2012. The international conferences of AICIS bring together many different nationalities and contribute to making Åland known to scholars and business people from abroad.

Besides major events like these, AICIS also arranges more locally based workshops and seminars. These reflect various strategic issues that – in one way or another – are important to the Åland society and/or its business sector. These, often quite informal sessions, stimulate local debate. Themes such as: The branding of Åland, Electric cars in the transportation system of Åland, Learnings from the Danish shipping industry and The green economy of Åland, all reflect various concerns in the Åland society.