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Göran Lindholm, President, Åland Mutual (Founder)
(Chairman of the Board)

AICIS - Goran

Our politicians need solid facts to support their decision-making processes.

Small and autonomous island territories are often significantly impacted by external events (such as international treaties and regional agreements), over which they themselves have no direct control. In situations like this, it is critical to maintain a high-level view of the legal and political situation, as well as the business life. Always ready for change, not if, but when it comes.

Our politicians interact with key players in the outside world, making important decisions that affect our future. Critical for their success, is the kind of information that can only be obtained from in-depth research, which analyses a wide range of different scenarios, and tries to look ahead 5 or 10 more years, with some confidence. Unfortunately, this has not been given top priority within our local government, due to resource limitations.

All these factors underscore the value of an independent and reliable organization such as AICIS, which keeps track of various ‘big picture’ issues of relevance, while serving as a store of knowledge and data, on demand. These can be used to strengthen arguments in various situations and help predict and prepare for future outcomes. An important asset for both our government and local business community.